We run for many reasons: to get fit, to lose weight, because we enjoy it and sometimes to raise money. A lot of people sign up for a race as a way of raising money for a cause that means a lot to them while others might raise money for a cause as a way of getting into an oversubscribed race.
As the London Marathon approaches, a lot of runners are frantically shaking their tins to get together the last bits of sponsorship they need to meet their fundraising target or just to maximise the amount they raise for their chosen cause. Remember, you can run the London Marathon, as well as lots of other races, without having to raise a set amount of money (more on that here). But if you are still shaking your tin, here’s a few last minute tips.

Give people an incentive
We all like to think we’re getting something for our money, and this even extends to giving to charity. So make some cakes for your colleagues, take them into work and offer them to people in return for sponsorship. And if you’re no good at baking – just buy some from the shop.

Tell people just how far you’re running
A lot of people know that a marathon is 26.2 miles, but do they know just how far you have to run in training even before you get to the startline? Make sure they know about every step and blister on your way to the finish line so they can fully appreciate your dedication.

Go the extra mile
Some people want to see you suffer… even more than you will in your race. So why not give up something you love – chocolate, biscuits, cake – in the run up to the big day too?

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