Running on holiday can be amazing: brilliant scenery, no inconveniences from things like work getting in the way and (depending on where you go) great food to refuel with. But it can be a right old pain the the backside if your training schedule makes you feel guilty and your travelling companions think that a holiday should mean a break from training.

Before you go, think about how much running you want to do and then take off about 25%. Most good intentions disappear faster than the free in-flight booze when a rugby team are on board. Doing 75% of your planned mileage while you’re away is pretty good, and if you do more than that it’s a bonus.

Talk to the people you’re going away with – are they expecting you to be on hand for rubbing suntan lotion on their back 24/7? Do they realise you’ll be packing your running shoes? Have those arguments before you get on the flight.

If you like company when you run, it’s easy to find other people to run with. Runners are easy to spot a mile off. Make a run date with a fellow runner and you’ll be less likely to turn off that 6am alarm – and you are going to have to set your alarm early if you’re somewhere hot. So up and at ’em.

Combine two great things and indulge in a spot of race tourism. The internet is amazing for more things than just looking at pictures of cats – yes with a few clicks you’ll be able to find and sign up for races in your holiday destination. Then when you get home enjoy wearing your exotic race t-shirt on cold miserable runs around the local park 5K. Or if you prefer a less competitive, more beer-sodden type of running (you’re on holiday after all), give hashing a go. You’ll find hash chapters in cities all over the world.

And, should you find that running is a bit too much like hard work while you’re away, there’s plenty of interesting ways that you can cross train while away to keep your fitness up or keep your other half happy.