After not finishing IMUK a few weeks ago, on Saturday 9 August I decided it was time to have another crack at the iron distance. At 7:30am I got into Stoke Newington reservoir ready to swim 3.8km, cycle 112 miles north to Peterborough then run 26.2 miles round the city.

This is the story of my iron person. Thank you to my bike support rider Phil, my brother who set up a feed station out of his car, my sister for providing a very well equipped T2, my dad and brother-in-law who cycled to entertain me and light the way on the run as it got darker.

My ‘ironman’ finished in under 17 hours outside the Palmerston Arms pub where my mum had assembled a cheering crew. I made it back in time for last orders. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and made it fun.