Baby to BQ: November running update

I finished my half marathon last month, disappointed with the time on the clock but happy with how training had gone. It really couldn’t have been better.

The week after the Royal Parks Half I paced the Great South Run, and despite still having the cold I carried round the Royal Parks with me, I felt really good running and the 10 min/mile pace felt like running on a cloud.

But, the week following my cold didn’t get any better and though I headed off on holiday with my running kit in my suitcase, it stayed there the whole week. On one day I coughed for a whole hour so much so that I hurt my ribs which were sore for days after.

It took a good few weeks to shift my cold, and just when I was able to run again, I pulled something in my side (possibly an oblique) which made me stop my run after 1.4 miles and walk home. Runners, you’ll know how hard it is to stop a run without rounding up to the nearest mile or at least half mile, so that’s a sure sign that something was wrong.

So as updates go, there’s been little in the way of running to actually mention. But I’ve recommitted to my core exercises, aiming to do them every day but in reality managing four times a week and made friends again with the bike trainer. I’ve been taking on a couple of new coaching clients and writing it’s for Women’s Running magazine this month.

As well as all this, my son has started walking. He took his first few steps the day of the Royal Parks Half, which confirms my suspicion that he’s going to steal my thunder forever having started crawling the day of the British 10K.

Tonight is the last session of my Improvers running group this year. The 0-5K course finished on Saturday and we’ll do a parkrun together on Saturday which is exciting.

Life is busy right now, and with December fast approaching I’m trying not to panic about marathon training starting, work getting busier and the festivities commencing.

I have a first birthday party to plan and that’s very exciting and scary all at one. I expect to be an emotional wreck that week reflecting on how fast the past year has gone. Expect a long blog!