Keeping hydrated on Water Wednesday

Things that runners should have plenty of: sleep, motivation and water. Things I struggle with since becoming a parent: sleep, time to train and keeping hydrated.

I was never a massive coffee drinker before I had a baby. But now it’s a regular part of my day. Not so much to keep me awake, but as a way to take 5 mins for myself why my son has his morning nap and a thing to do with mum friends.

Even writing this blog, I have a cup of coffee on the go because, although I’m sat at a kitchen table hoping a baby stays asleep a little longer, it makes me feel like those days of sitting in a cafe writing with a flat white and slice of cake.

Since day one of being a parent, I know I haven’t drunk enough water. There’s always something else to do. Hurriedly getting out the door the bottle of water gets missed and walking around the park for hours to get a baby to sleep, the last thing I want is a toilet stop to wake him up.

It gets to about 8pm at night and I find myself chugging a pint of water because I’m so dehydrated. Not ideal, but especially when I’m about to head out for a run.

So, as we all love a hashtag and a nudge in the right direction to do something, I’ve accepted Aqua Optima’#WaterWednesday challenge. Water Wednesday aims to encourage people across the country to swap their caffeinated beverages and sugary drinks for water every Wednesday.

You can join me and make a pledge to swap your coffee or can of coke for water every Wednesday. I might not get myself a stamp on my loyalty card one day a week, but I’ll have an extra £2:50 to spend on cake.

This blog is in partnership with Aqua Optima.