Core Strength for Beginner Runners

I’ve been coaching beginner runners for seven years now, and we often talk about the work they can do outside of running to supplement their training and the number one thing I suggest is core strength. So I’ve created this Core Strength for Beginner Runners video as a guide for them, and for you.

There’s a real range in core workouts you can do. Although variety is great when it comes to working out, core strength for beginner runners is about identifying your core muscles, engaging them and building a solid foundation. Get the basics right before you move on to anything promising to have your abs on fire.

Core strength for running is also about more than trying to get a six-pack. We need to think about all the core muscles, not just those on the front of your body.

So if you’re new to running, and new to working your core, give this a go. Take it nice and slow and concentrate on the movement.

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