Exercise videos for older adults

Our number one concern right now is to make sure our elders stay home and stay safe. But it’s also important for everyone to keep active for our health and well-being, and that includes exercise for older adults. 

After the age of 40, we start to lose muscle mass if we don’t keep active. It’s not holiday photos that are a concern, but the fact that everyday tasks such as getting out of a chair can become more and more difficult. 

While we’re all doing our best to stay safe by staying at home, we can still keep exercising. There’s a plethora of workout videos online, with many more springing up each day. They range in difficulty and intensity. Beginner level workouts aren’t always appropriate to older users, so here’s a few that are designed specifically for that group. 

Of course, age doesn’t determine what you can and can’t do, and two people of the same age could have very different levels of strength and fitness. So it really is important to go at a level that’s right for you and start gently if you’re new to any workout.

Yoga with Adriene

My go-to yoga resource when I have 30 mins to fit in a session, Adriene has a couple of videos for older yogis. Try the chair yoga below or yoga for seniors routines.

I sent this to my mum to try. Her review: “I couldn’t get on with her.” Which raises an important point. We all respond to different trainers and that’s why it’s great that there’s a real range out there.

Joe Wicks

The most popular PE teacher in the UK right now, Joe has kids moving every morning at 9am. But he’s not forgotten their grandparents. He has a 10 minute workout for seniors (below) as well as a chair workout for older people.

BBC Radio 5 Live short daily workouts

 The BBC has teamed up with Sport England and the thinktank Demos to broadcast a series of 10 x 10 minute daily workouts for older audiences. Among the presenters is Terry Keen, aged 73, who created the series and is a qualified fitness instructor.

Hear the 10 Today exercise sessions on BBC 5 Live Sports Extra between 5am and 10am every weekday morning or watch them online or listen on BBC Sounds.

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