Strength exercises for runners: 30 min home workout

Runners have often asked me for guidance on strength exercises for runners, and I’ve always referred them to online videos made by other trainers. There are so many good examples available online that it was a simple way to get them the guidance they needed.

I have a simple strength training plan in my 0-5k running guide, but I’d never committed anything to video. Partly because I didn’t see the need – there are already plenty out there – but also because of shyness about talking to a camera rather than a person.

The current lockdown we’re all living under has resulted in trainers creating even more content through live classes on Zoom, Houseparty, Instagram Live and Facebook Live. So, again, did I really need to contribute? I decided on yes.

I miss training my runners. Every Tuesday night I get a calendar alert on my phone that tells me it’s run group night. And each week it makes me a little sad that I won’t be heading out to see them. Creating a video for them to use at home is my way of keeping in touch, keeping them active and making sure they don’t forget me.

I also realised something else. Just as every trainer and coach in real life isn’t going to motivate you, not every coach and trainer online is going to work for you. I’m not a shouty coach who is going to push you to your limit. Some people are motivated by that sort of encouragement, others aren’t. And that’s ok.

When we train in Finsbury Park there’s also a bootcamp that worksout at the same time. Both my group and the bootcamp are full, and I’m sure we don’t have a lot of crossover in clients, because again, everyone is different.

So, if you’ve tried a class or an online workout and you didn’t like it, it might be the exercises and it might be the coaching style or personality. I tried lots of yoga classes and videos until I found ones that worked for me. And that’s why I’ve created a workout video. Because it may or may not keep you coming back, but it’s good to have options.

You’ll find the strength exercises for runners workout below. I hope you like it, but if you don’t, give another coach a try. There’s someone out there for everyone. If you do like it, maybe subscribe to my YouTube channel and I’ll create some more videos to get us through this period and beyond.

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