99min Half: Week 1 of training

If you follow me on Strava, you already knows the juicy details of last week’s running. But there’s other stuff that I don’t log on there, like strength training and miles on the bike. So here’s a rundown of last week’s activities. Most weeks will follow a similar structure, just the miles and paces will […]

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Four thoughts on running from watching the Tour de France

I’m not a huge cycling fan, I only really watch the big events, but I do like watching the daily highlights of the Tour de France. This year it made me think a few things about running, and that was before Chris Froom ran 400m up a hill in cleats. So here they are…
You can’t […]

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Do you need new kit?

When people sign up for my beginners’ running group I send them an email with some FAQs in it. And one of those is about what kit they’ll need. Contrary to what most magazines will say, I tell them not to bother getting any new kit, just to turn up in what they have and […]

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Half marathon training: 99mins to go

The weeks since I got back from holiday seem to have flown by in a blur of training plans and rainy runs. In fact I think one week I wrote more training plans that I ran miles – a combination of sensible marathon recovery and bad weather ┬ácoinciding with a lot of runners getting their […]

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Episode 16: Run Buddies

In this podcast, I speak to Marina Ranger who is about to run 500k across Holland with her running buddy Lucja Leonard. A tough challenge for even the best of running pals.

Then in the second half, I catch up with a few of my run buddies in the pub where we chat about the good […]

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This is not a race report

On Sunday I ran the British 10k London and then supported at the Bastion iron-distance triathlon, but this is a blog about neither. It’s a blog about being a runner and part of a community. Let me explain.

I was running the British 10k and then had to hotfoot it to Victoria Station to meet my […]

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Keep your eyes on your own sh!t

I’ve been to the gym. It was a short session tacked onto the end of a 4-mile run. I was doing some single leg deadlifts, balancing on one leg and lowering a weight to the floor. I was facing the mirror, trying to keep everything in line and not wobble.

A woman came over to the […]

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Summer of speed

After much recovery, some slow miles and a gradual return to the gym, my legs were ready to run fast again. For me, the summer is about fun miles with friends, warm evenings at the track and some shorter races.

So last week I took my legs to the Finsbury Park parkrun. It’s embarrassing how few […]

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A week in my life

It’s been six months since I stopped working full-time for a charity and started working for myself full-time. It’s gone really quickly, I can’t really believe it’s June already.

There’s no such thing as a typical week for me as it depends a lot on what clients I’ve got booked in and what writing projects I’ve […]

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Marathon recovery: 10 tips to recovering like a pro

A series of posts about running marathons wouldn’t be complete without addressing recovery. It’s a subject that doesn’t get as much attention as the training and racing, but it’s an important one.

After Edinburgh, I’d booked a holiday to Mallorca for two weeks, where I like to think I’ve nailed the recovery part of that marathon […]

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