Episode 20: Cross country

On Saturday my friend Josie ran her first ever cross country race.

Like most people, she was nervous about dong cross country. But along with Laura Stewart I reassured her that there was nothing to worry about.

Josie let me stick a microphone in her face before and after the race, and you’ll also hear from Laura […]

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How to start and KEEP running

Starting running is hard, no doubt about it. Keeping going through those first early weeks and getting to a point where you start to enjoy it takes a lot of perseverance. Throw dark evenings, cold weather and the occasional bit of rain and snow into the mix and, well, it’s no surprise that the sofa […]

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Vlog: Make a small change

Thanks for the feedback on last week’s vlog, here and on Facebook. Even if you just took the time to watch it, thank you.

This week I’m talking about changing one small thing in your week. Let me know what you’re going to change this week.

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Vlog: Overwhelmed in January

This morning, instead of writing a blog I recorded a quick video and shared it on Facebook page. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and though the feeling might be something other could relate to.

This is the first time I’ve recorded a blog like this. It was very spur of the moment, no make-up, about […]

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Plans for 2017

Just like that, Christmas was over and it was New Year. December was a busy month for me, I had a lot of training plans to write ready for runners to start training in January and although I spent a lot of time staring at the calendar, January has crept up on me a bit.

There’s […]

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Beginners’ guide to the gym

Hey, want to start going to the gym but find it all a bit baffling or intimidating or anxiety inducing? Yeah, you’re not alone. Even the most friendly, welcoming gym can seem a bit daunting if you’re new. Because it’s an unfamiliar space.

Stuff that’s unfamiliar always seems much scarier than it is. Like when you’re […]

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Inspiring viewing: 7 documentaries for runners

Are you bored of Christmas telly yet? Yeah, me too. Here’s a list of documentaries that I’ve watched this year and that will inspire you to put your trainers on and go outside.
The Fall – Zola Budd Vs Mary Decker (Sky)

The Fall tells the tale of Zola Budd and Mary Deckerand their much-anticipated meet at […]

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2016: year in review

It’s been a funny old year, full of surprises. Some good, some less good.
The good
I’ve done nine ten races this year. Plus one I dropped out of. Not a bad finish to DNF ratio. Three of those races were cross country races, which I’d have liked to do more of but the dates have been […]

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Starting swimming again: tips for the pool shy

I asked my friend Josie to take me swimming the other day. I haven’t been swimming for a long time and, for various reasons, even though I survived a mass swim start of an Ironman with 2000 other swimmers, I was nervous about going to the pool.

It can be scary and intimidating doing something for […]

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Working for myself: the first year

A year ago I left my full-time job to work for myself. I’ve read a lot of articles and blogs and heard people talk about doing this over the years, but none of them were a story like mine.

I didn’t storm out the office one day, my chair still spinning as I flicked two […]

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