3 ways to pace your training runs just right

3 ways to pace your training runs just right I've written before about why it's important to run your easy and long runs at the right pace - and how most runners are guilty of running these far too fast. And I'll keep banging on about it because there's huge benefits to be had by [...]

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Building confidence along with fitness

When I write a training plan for a runner, it will be made up of many of the familiar elements you'll have seen on your own: easy runs, long runs, tempo runs and intervals. Sessions organised neatly over the weeks, building towards a race, all with their own goals helping towards a bigger goal. The [...]

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Telling people what they don’t want to hear

Telling people what they don't want to hear Part of being a good coach, in my view, involves telling people no. I write personalised training plans for runners, I provide week-by-week coaching, and I've coached runners in person. And sometimes I'm asked to make things happen that I just don't think are possible. A few [...]

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Exercise and pregnancy: 40 years ago

As a final instalment to this week's blogs on exercise and pregnancy, I asked my mum what it was like 40 years ago when she had her first child. There were no mother and baby yoga classes and no running buggies. How did they survive?  Back in 1971, when I had my first child, Maternity Units where [...]

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Exercise during and after pregnancy: the yoga teacher

This week I’m publishing a series of posts on women’s experience of exercise during and after pregnancy. There have been a series of high profile sportswomen continuing to train and compete in recent months. But what about regular active women? This week I’ll interview a runner, swimmer, triathlete and yoga teacher. Erin Taylor, Founder and [...]

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