A good time to start running

Last week my beginners’ running groups started up again. I have two groups both with 20 beginner runners who I’m sure turned up last week feeling a combination of keen and nervous. I haven’t led beginners since last Autumn, and although January saw a lot of emails about when I’d start the 0-5k groups again, […]

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Episode 22: Louise Green, Big Fit Girl

In this episode I chat to Louise Green, a plus-size athlete, personal trainer, and the founder of Body Exchange, a plus-size fitness boot camp with seven locations in Canada.

In her book, ‘Big Fit Girl’, Louise describes how the fitness industry fails to meet the needs of plus-size women and thus prevents them from improving their […]

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The Runch break: Running at lunchtime

Now that I work for myself, I don’t have a set lunch hour. So although my working days can start as early as 6:30am and finish at 8pm, I generally have plenty of time in the middle of the day to head to the gym or for a run.

Yesterday was my first day back at […]

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England National Cross Country Championships

It was a coincidence, but a fitting one, that the latest This Girl Can campaign launched the Friday before the National Cross Country Championships. As I took off my warm layers and headed with the rest of my team through the club tents towards the start, a sea of men in coats parted as we […]

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How far is it round the Emirates? And why does it matter?

For more than a year now, I’ve been coaching some of my run group sessions round the outside of the Emirates Stadium. It’s a good place to run: well lit, no traffic and a wide, flat loop. Early mornings and late evenings year-round there’s plenty of other runners, dog walkers and skateboarders to nod at […]

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Enjoy the process: running and art

I’m not great at drawing. I like the idea of being good at it, of drawing portraits that look like the people they’re supposed to be, or of setting up an easel in the countryside and painting a landscape that I could then proudly hang on my wall and tell people who came round “Oh […]

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Running is hard

I don’t know why my run yesterday was so difficult. It could have been the cold, maybe I was tired, maybe it was any one of a hundred things. All I know was that the whole time, my legs were complaining.

I called it a day at three miles and recorded the video below that I […]

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Running injuries: avoiding them and fixing them

Being injured sucks. Last year I dropped out of a half marathon half way with a problem with my right leg. It was the right decision to make but that didn’t make it easy.

I saw a physio, had some time off and have been sticking to low mileage since then and I’m mostly ok again […]

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CRUK Winter Run 10k 2017

This year was the third running of the Winter Run 10k and my first time taking part. As I stood at the start I chatted to those around me and it seemed many had come back year after year to run it again.

For me it was just a 20 min tube ride to get to […]

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Finding trails in the city

Two years ago I was training for an ultra marathon. The race was 80km long and took us through Paris. But despite being in the middle of a major city, it was 90% trail.

Up until signing up for that race, I hadn’t done much running that wasn’t on concrete. I knew I’d have to swap […]

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