You don’t have to run a marathon

When my sister finished her first half marathon, she said to me: “I don’t think I want to do a marathon. Can I just stick to shorter races?”

And, of course the answer to this is, HELL YES!

You make your own rules, chase your own goals and do what excites you when it comes to running. […]

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99 min half, Week 5: Flexibility

When I write training plans for runners, I ask them for the holidays, weekends away and busy weeks they’ve got in their personal life over the months ahead. Because if you’re gong to tick off all your runs, a bit of forward planning and a realistic approach to run-life balance is needed.

In the run up […]

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Episode 17: What’s your problem?

A couple of weeks ago I asked you to submit a problem for me and my friend Liz to try and help you with.

Thank you so much for your responses. We got more than we were able to answer in one podcast, but we picked three that we hope will resonate most with other people. […]

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99min half training, Week 4: I love running!

I love running. Training hasn’t been ace this week but my enjoyment of running this week has been sky-high this weekend.

On Saturday I was doing the Pride 10k with some of my runners. Five of them were running it as their first ever 10K having started in my beginners group 19 weeks ago and progressed […]

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Strength training and running

Last week I had a request to write about strength training. Because we all know that strength training is the way to avoid injury right? Well, not always.

I’ve been doing some strength training twice a week for a while now. I had a break after Edinburgh but built back up again as my miles built […]

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99min Half: Week 3, Good, bad and ugly

It wasn’t my intention to write these updates every week, but I had a lot of nice messages from some of you, and (more selfishly) I’m finding writing down how training has gone really useful.

When I coach my runners, setting the training is only part of the job. The other is listening to their feedback […]

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What’s your problem?

Sometimes it takes an outsider to see where things are going wrong and to offer a solution. And sometimes, just explaining what the problem is out loud can help you start to make sense of it.

Together with my ace friend Liz Goodchild, we’re going to help you with your training and motivation problems. If you […]

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99min Half: Week 2, The Doubt

This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve trained for races before. I’ve picked a goal, set out a plan and started training. And yet it always comes as a surprise when it starts to feel hard, and then the doubts set in.

This week I was running on the treadmill doing 2x 2 miles at 7:24/mile pace. […]

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99min Half: Week 1 of training

If you follow me on Strava, you already knows the juicy details of last week’s running. But there’s other stuff that I don’t log on there, like strength training and miles on the bike. So here’s a rundown of last week’s activities. Most weeks will follow a similar structure, just the miles and paces will […]

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Four thoughts on running from watching the Tour de France

I’m not a huge cycling fan, I only really watch the big events, but I do like watching the daily highlights of the Tour de France. This year it made me think a few things about running, and that was before Chris Froom ran 400m up a hill in cleats. So here they are…
You can’t […]

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