Episode 30: Tracy Isaacs, fit feminist

Episode 30: Tracy Isaacs, fit feminist I speak to co-author of 'Fit at Mid-Life: A Feminist Fitness Journey', Tracy Isaacs about all things fitness and feminism. We discuss body image, why women are pushed towards certain types of exercise and why diets are rubbish. We also hear reviews of the Swimathon and the Three Forts [...]

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Episode 29: Running buggy entrepreneur, Wendy Rumble

Episode 29: Running entrepreneur, Wendy Rumble I speak to Wendy Rumble, the founder of runningbuggies.com about following her passion and her instinct and setting up her own business. She also gives me some tips on running with a buggy. Also in this episode is a review of London Marathon. Listen to podcast Download it | Listen online | Get [...]

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Episode 28: Amy Abrahams and fitness social media

Episode 28: Amy Abrahams and fitness social media Does social media make you feel good or bad about yourself? Freelance journalist Amy Abrahams joins me to talk about what fitness looks like on Instagram and how to keep it real. We also hear a review of Manchester Marathon and I answer a question from a runner [...]

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Episode 27: Moire O’Sullivan

Episode 27: Moire O'Sullivan I speak to multiple Mountain Running and Adventure Racing Champion, Moire O'Sullivan about life, training and parenthood. Her new book 'Bump, Bike and Baby: Mummy's gone adventure racing' is out now. We also hear a review of Thames Meander Half Marathon and I answer a training question about fuelling early morning [...]

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Episode 24: Dr Juliet McGrattan talks women’s health and running

I speak to Dr Juliet McGrattan about women's health and running; answer training questions I've been sent and my friend Josie reviews the CRUK Winter Run 10k. Juliet is the a GP and the author of Sorted: The Active Woman's Guide to Health. Josie ran the CRUK Winter 10k and tells us what she thought [...]

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