A week in my life

It’s been six months since I stopped working full-time for a charity and started working for myself full-time. It’s gone really quickly, I can’t really believe it’s June already.

There’s no such thing as a typical week for me as it depends a lot on what clients I’ve got booked in and what writing projects I’ve […]

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Marathon recovery: 10 tips to recovering like a pro

A series of posts about running marathons wouldn’t be complete without addressing recovery. It’s a subject that doesn’t get as much attention as the training and racing, but it’s an important one.

After Edinburgh, I’d booked a holiday to Mallorca for two weeks, where I like to think I’ve nailed the recovery part of that marathon […]

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The mental side of marathon running

I’ll shut up about Edinburgh Marathon soon, but first a post about mental aspect of running a marathon. It’s the part that we often don’t prepare for as well as we could.

That’s not to say we don’t prepare for it, because every run you do in training involves an element of mental preparation for race […]

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Marathon training tips: All about the base

So you want to run a marathon? Maybe your first, maybe your second. Great. Got yourself a training plan? Stuck it to the fridge? Ready to start training for it 16 or 20 weeks out? Great.

But your training plan doesn’t start for a month or two. What are you doing now?

The error I see a […]

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0 to 5k: Clare’s story

I asked one of my runners about going from non-runner to doing her first 5k. Here’s Clare’s story…
My running ‘career’ has got off to several false starts… beginning with the nightmare and embarrassment of the school cross country! Of course even the worst memories fade so a few years ago I found myself signed up […]

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Stop wishing, start doing

A few days before Edinburgh marathon, I was cycling along to meet my runners and a feather fell out of the sky. It floated down in front of me like that scene in Forest Gump and I thought to myself “It’s a sign!”

Then I thought, “I should catch it and make a wish, or is […]

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Episode 15: Making training happen – Cathy Drew

I speak to my friend Cathy Drew who is in the middle of training for an iron-distance triathlon. Hard enough but add in travelling to Asia for work a lot and it’s a logistical challenge.

Whatever you’re training for, Cathy discusses how she makes sure her training doesn’t get derailed by life, work or anything else.

Cathy’s […]

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Edinburgh Marathon: the training

I kept fairly quiet about Edinburgh Marathon in the build up to it, so I’m now going to backtrack and do a couple of posts about the preparations that took place. Because, I don’t want the silence in the lead up to the race to mislead anyone into thinking I didn’t train for it and […]

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Edinburgh Marathon 2016

Of the many marathons I’ve run, Edinburgh is only the third that I’ve returned to for another go. I have great memories of running Edinburgh on a freakishly hot day in 2012. It’s where I ran sub-4 for the first time. I like Edinburgh, so I entered with the intention of a weekend away and […]

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If I was starting running now

The other day I was extra early for one of my running groups. I’d gone to collect some train tickets on the way which left me sitting in the park for 10 minutes before my runners arrived.

There’s always a lot of park life to watch in Finsbury Park to keep me entertained: two old guys having […]

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