How to take better running selfies

I enjoy taking a nicely framed photo of myself running, and I’m not apologetic about it. I like running and snapping some pics of myself doing that in nice locations is a fun add-on to my hobby.

The other day somebody asked me on Instagram how I take my photos, so I thought I’d turn the […]

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Episode 19: Running and incontinence

A few weeks ago I spent the morning with a group of women who are speaking up about their incontinence in the hope that other who are experiencing it will feel less ashamed of their symptoms and seek help.

The event was put on Depend and I want to thank them for introducing me to Nadia […]

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Running cross country: what you need to know

Last year I had to sit out all but one race of the cross country season with an injury, so this time round I was adamant I wasn’t going to make the same mistake. Having a good winter of running through mud was a top priority when I made the decision to drop out my […]

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Indoor cycling and much sweating

Since The Iron Person, I’ve viewed my bike as a mode of transport. The long hours spent in the saddle training for triathlons took the fun out of it for me, so I haven’t done any long rides in the past couple of years.

I clock up 50 miles on the bike some weeks but this […]

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When should you start marathon training?

When should you start training for your marathon? Well there’s no hard and fast answer to this that applies to everyone.

In the back of my mind, that first time I got on a treadmill nearly nine years ago I was training for a marathon. I didn’t know when or where it would be, and I […]

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Runners need to talk about incontinence and bladder weakness

As runners, we’re more comfortable than most talking about our bodily functions. I chat openly with friends about whether or not we’ve had our pre-race poo yet. We bemoan the long queue for the loos and discuss the best places on runs to go for a mid-run wee. I’ve even written about my periods in […]

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Writing about running: 100 Runs Later

I’ve always written. When I was young I used to write stories. I had notebooks full of stories and a typewriter I used to bash out scenes on. Then when I left university I started getting paid to write. I wrote for newspapers and magazines, some more exciting than others. I worked for many years […]

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Goal races: knowing when to try again?

If you miss out on your target time at a goal race, after the disappointment has faded the next impulse is to find another race to give it another shot. But when and how you should go about trying again is a difficult thing to judge.

I had an email from a runner in America who […]

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Great Eastern Run 2016

My mum held out her arms. I stopped running and she gave me a hug.
“I’m ok. It’s just hard.”

I’d stopped running at 7.4 miles into the half marathon. The past 50 minutes had been a mental battle. I’d had lots of lovely messages in the week before telling me I could do it, but I […]

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Week 11, 99 min half marathon training

People who share their workouts on the internet get a lot of stick, often unnecessarily. Yes, there can be a lot of boasting, a lot of posing and a lot of egos. But there’s also a lot of bravery.

In any aspect of your life, if you have a goal that you want to work towards, […]

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