Marathon anxiety dreams

I've never had trouble sleeping. I've put in some valuable training over the years to perfect my ability to sleep soundly for a good eight hours most nights. Of course, this hasn't always been easy, but I've persevered and now I'm pretty good at it - in fact I'd say I'm in the elite category [...]

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Long runs start here

Sunday the schedule called for a 14-miler and so the long runs of this marathon season have begun. I don't really count anything below a half marathon as a long run - not because they're easy but because it would mean having to rename the 18 and 20-milers I'll be doing in a few weeks as [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:31+00:004 July 2011|

Come back winter, all is forgiven

"Train for a autumn marathon, it'll be much easier than training for a spring marathon. You'll have longer days, warmer weather, less rain. It'll be a doddle compared to the winter London froze over." What idiot said this? Oh yeah, that's right - it was me.I'm an idiot. Actually, scrap that - the person that [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:31+00:0027 June 2011|

90 minutes, no excuses

"I didn't have time." "I had too much on." "Something came up." We're all familiar with these excuses and I'm sure we've reached for more than one of them when justifying not running. But what if someone were to make the day longer. Well, someone has just bloody well gone and done that. My day is [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:31+00:0026 June 2011|

Running hobo style

Most of the time I smell like a hobo when I'm running. For the past two weeks though, I've actually been of 'no fixed abode' which has had an impact on my running. Don't worry, I'm not sleeping rough - some kind-hearted friends have opened up their homes to me and my smelly running shoes. [...]

2011-06-17T08:27:00+00:0017 June 2011|

Now I remember

I don't have a child, so I've never given birth but this week I feel like I know a little more about being a mother. As I was describing how my marathon training is going to a colleague the other day, she said: "Ah, that must be what it's like when you have a baby." [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:31+00:0014 June 2011|

Training for a sub-4 marathon

After weeks of debating and deliberating, I've finally chosen which marathon schedule I'll ignore for 16 weeks in the run up to my next marathon. It's a Runners' World schedule and I've already been customising it... when I say customising - I mean colouring in.I've marked it up with a few key dates so you can [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:32+00:0028 April 2011|

Marathon training plans

With less than two months to go until marathon training starts in earnest, I've been spending more time than usual looking at training plans, comparing them and itching for training to start. It seems odd that I don't see the running I'm doing at the moment as 'training' but more 'maintenance', and as a result [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:33+00:0018 March 2011|

Thank you

Blogging about my marathon mission has been as much a journey into the unknown as the training for the event itself. I once read somewhere that blogging was a lot like talking to yourself in an empty room - it's only the occasional comments from people that have stumbled upon your words than make you [...]

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How to run 18 miles

Richmond ParkIt's with great pride and excitement that I can announce that I, a self-confessed lazy girl and recently reformed couch potato, have completed my first 18-mile training run. Can you believe it? I can't.On Sunday I set off on my own to Richmond Park with just my running backpack full of water and four [...]

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