Episode 22: Louise Green, Big Fit Girl

In this episode I chat to Louise Green, a plus-size athlete, personal trainer, and the founder of Body Exchange, a plus-size fitness boot camp with seven locations in Canada. In her book, 'Big Fit Girl', Louise describes how the fitness industry fails to meet the needs of plus-size women and thus prevents them from improving [...]

2017-06-23T07:39:10+01:0018 March 2017|

Episode 21: Nicky Spinks

I chat to inov-8 athlete Nicky Spinks who, last year, became the fastest person to run a Double Bob Graham Round. Nicky (49) marked the 10 year anniversary of her breast cancer diagnosis by running the 132-mile Lake District route, which included around 54,000ft of ascent, in a time of 45 hours and 30 minutes. Wow! [...]

2018-02-06T11:28:20+01:0026 January 2017|

Episode 19: Running and incontinence

Adrian Brooks/Imagewise A few weeks ago I spent the morning with a group of women who are speaking up about their incontinence in the hope that other who are experiencing it will feel less ashamed of their symptoms and seek help. The event was put on Depend and I want to thank them [...]

2018-02-06T11:29:42+01:0024 November 2016|

Episode 18: Running and pregnancy

A few weeks ago I took a walk round Wimbledon Common with Kate Lewis and her son Bertie. While Bertie slept, Kate and I talked about running during and after pregnancy. She shared her experience of running through her two pregnancies and returning to running after birth. I mention a US athlete called Sarah Brown [...]

2018-02-06T11:30:33+01:0016 September 2016|

Episode 15: Making training happen – Cathy Drew

I speak to my friend Cathy Drew who is in the middle of training for an iron-distance triathlon. Hard enough but add in travelling to Asia for work a lot and it's a logistical challenge. Whatever you're training for, Cathy discusses how she makes sure her training doesn't get derailed by life, work or anything [...]

2018-02-06T11:32:48+01:003 June 2016|