Running a marathon in the rain

People that say "You'll be glad of the rain, it will cool you down" may be trying to be helpful, but have clearly not run a marathon, and definitely not run one in the rain. Wet running kit is heavy, it sticks to you and it chafes. That is not the ideal recipe for a [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:16+01:0020 April 2012|

Post mararthon kit

Race number: check; safety pins: check; trainers: check. It's pretty obvious the things you need to pack for your marathon. But have you thought about what you'll need for after you've finished? No? luckily for you, I have.1 Flip flopsI can't tell you the envious looks I've had from other runners at the end of [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:17+01:0013 April 2012|

Kit review: Jabra SPORT wireless headphones

In the grand scheme of annoyances encountered while running, headphone wires aren't comparable with such things as people stepping out in front of you without looking where they're going; or finding the only public toilet in your local park has shut early; or even all those annoying people that finish ahead of you in a [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:17+01:0028 March 2012|

Running with the Nike+ Sports Watch

Guest post by Ros (AKA Mr Nice guy) Getting your Nike+ Sports Watch is a little like getting a new iPhone. The Box looks nice, the watch is starring you in the face the moment you open it and it looks damn good on the wrist. OK I might be a sucker for a nice [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:20+01:009 November 2011|

How to run when it’s cold outside

How do you deal with winter as a runner? Well there's a few options. You could man-up and pretend it isn't happening. You must have seen those crazy dudes (and they usually are dudes) that run in shorts and a vest all year round. They're mostly found at races called things like 'New Year's Icebreaker'. [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:20+01:007 November 2011|

Winter kit on the cheap

Running can be pretty cheap if you can manage to reign in your spending on overseas races, expensive compression clothing and the latest must-have gadgets. And this week two stores will be helping make it slightly less expensive to run through the winter by hooking you up with some of the cheapest kit going. Aldi [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:21+01:0012 October 2011|

Sheldon and Penny go running

It's a close call between what I like more: running or watching American sitcoms. I'd actually like to live in a perpetual cycle of doing one or the other with the only interupptions to this being the occasional power nap. I'd also need someone to bring me food but I'm pretty confidentĀ I could negotiate a [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:30+01:008 August 2011|

Design of running kit

Form or function - what matters most when it comes to running kit? For me it's function but that's mainly because I'll look a mess no matter what I'm wearing after 15 miles of running through mud, but asl long as I'm warm and have no blisters I won't complain. But if you told me [...]

2017-06-23T07:40:34+01:0010 February 2011|

Smelly running kit

Whatever happened to food mountains? They were all the rage in the 90s but you never hear about them any more. Now a 10 metre tall pile of cheese I could deal with pretty effectively, but the 10 metre tall pile of smelly running kit that's sitting where my washing basket once was it a [...]

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