Corporate training

Motivating you, your staff or your members

I’ve led training sessions for a number of organisations, given motivational talks about running and advice on training. If you need someone to inspire your members or employees to challenge themselves then help them on their way, I can do that. Here’s a few examples of people I’ve helped so far.

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AJ Bell London Triathlon session

AJ Bell London Triathlon run training session

Delivered a run-specific training session for participants of the AJ Bell London Triathlon as part of one of the race’s regular Thursday evening training sessions.

Breast Cancer Care marathon training day

I’ve spoken at the charity’s marathon training day for the past three years mixing stories from my own experience of marathon running with practical advice for runners.

British Heat Foundation 10k training session
Coached a group of athletes picked by the BHF as competition winners in a 10K specific training session.

BHF 10K training session

BHF 10K training session

TSB running for triathlon training advice
Gave a talk via teleconference on running for triathlon for 50 employees taking part in the London Triathlon.

NSPCC marathon training day
Gave a motivational talk about my own experience of marathon running and assisted the lead coach in a track training session.

Master Advisor
Led a twice-weekly 0-5k lunchtime running group for members of staff.

If you’d like to work with me to organise a training event for a group or organisation, get in touch via


Laura has been a fantastic support to Breast Cancer Care marathon runners for a number of years. Her talks at our marathon training day have inspired, motivated and taught the runners a huge amount. Drawing on her own experience means that the tips and advice she gives are honest, interesting and often funny so she really engages with the audience.
Sarah Osborne, Breast Cancer Care
Laura was truly was a pleasure to deal with, she was engaging and inspirational. The audience loved her energy, positive vibe and message to keep on trying…. thank you Lazy Girl Running
Yasmin Gabriel, Interspace