I’ve written two books, Tricurious and The Lazy Runner

The Lazy Runner

A book about running


The Lazy Runner follows me, Laura Fountain from starting out as a novice runner – unfit, clueless about running, and incredibly lazy – to finishing my first marathon, and beyond.

The book offers tips on motivation and how to make running enjoyable – a practical, “what I wish I’d known” guide, including buying kit and choosing races – plus a story that traces my progress from the sofa in front of the TV to running a sub 4-hour marathon.

The Lazy Runner also tackles the important running questions you might be embarrassed to ask – like when will it get easier? And what happens if I need the toilet?

At first unable to run 400 metres without stopping, I’ve now completed many marathons. Along the way, I learnt countless lessons about running, most of them the hard way. But most importantly I learnt to love running.

Glamour magazine said: “Laura Fountain guides you through those tricky moments just like a friend running alongside you cheering you on. She takes you through her own journey, from zero running (unable to run 400 metres without stopping) to five marathons (with a sub-four-hour PB), leaving you feeling inspired by her success and clued up enough to apply her experiences to your own adventures.

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The Lazy Runner is available in paperback and ebook from Amazon, and Waterstones.


A book about triathlon

Tricurious_ADV COVER3.indd

Laura was a self-certified couch potato. Until six years ago she couldn’t run for more than a few minutes at a time. Since then she has completed eight marathons and is now a committed triathlete.

But Laura couldn’t have achieved what she has without her mentor and friend Katie. A life-long runner, fair-weather cyclist, and born-again swimmer, the more experienced Katie helped Laura through the ups and downs of training for a triathlon.

Their triathlon journey gave them the opportunity to break boundaries while forging a life-long friendship. Tricurious tells Laura’s and Katie’s story, with energy and humour. Filled with anecdotes and advice about the trials and tribulations of preparing for a triathlon, this inspiring book will leave you hungry to experience the joy (and pain) of swim, bike, run.

Tricurious is out now.