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Run Your First Marathon

A workshop covering everything you need to know before you run 26.2 miles

Saturday 21 January, 2017
10am – 4pm
Redmond Centre, London N4 2HF

If you’re thinking of running your first marathon in 2017, this workshop is for you.

Drawing on my experience from running 16 marathons, going from 4:31 to 3:30 marathon runner, and coaching runners to their first, this workshop will leave you feeling more confident and motivated to run 26.2 miles.

We’ll cover the basic components of marathon training that your plan should include and why, fitting marathon training in around your life and how to adapt your plan when things don’t quite go to plan.

As well as preparing you with hints and tips for an enjoyable race day, we’ll cover marathon nutrition and injury prevention, as well as any other question you have. And if you haven’t signed up for your race yet, I’ll help you pick a marathon that’s right for you.

“Your workshop was so useful and great way to meet others going through the same, thank you.”
Katie Louise Herbert, London Marathon runner 2016

After a few hours chatting about running, we’ll head outside for a training session in the park. This will be a technique-based session that won’t be too intensive, so you’ll be able to do your long run the next day.

You’ll leave the day with a group of new training buddies, renewed enthusiasm for your race and the knowledge and confidence to get you to the finish line.

Note: I will be providing tea, coffee and snacks, but lunch is not included so bring a sandwich (or there’s a Sainsburys very close by for you to pop out.) Tickets are non-refundable.