It’s a close call between what I like more: running or watching American sitcoms. I’d actually like to live in a perpetual cycle of doing one or the other with the only interupptions to this being the occasional power nap. I’d also need someone to bring me food but I’m pretty confident I could negotiate a supermarket shopping App out of the corner of my eye while doing either activity. If it wasn’t for things like having to go to work or maintain links with friends and family, my life would be pretty sorted if all I owned was a pair of Brooks, a sports bra and a TV.
The Big Bang Theory is in my Top three US sitcoms. So imagine my excitement when I first watched the episode ‘The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification‘, Penny and Sheldon go for a run (or at least attempt to). It’s fair to say that most runners are either a Sheldon or a Penny. Here’s there exchange:

Sheldon: Where’s your heart rate monitor?

Penny: I don’t have one

Sheldon: What about your pedometer?

Penny: I don’t have one.

Sheldon: Do you have telematics in your shoes connected to your shoes connected to an iPod?

Penny: No.

Sheldon: But what do you do? You just go out there and gamble about like a bunny?

Penny: No, I just run ‘till I’m hungry then I stop for a bear claw.
Sometimes it’s good to be a Sheldon, and other times you need to go out there and run like Penny. However I don’t edvocate stretching like Penny is before a run. Or at all really. I’m definitely more of a Sheldon whenit comes to gadgets and round-number-mileage OCD, although I’ve just looked up what a bear claw is and that does sound like the sort of post-run reward I’m down with too.
Are you a Sheldon or a Penny?