Resources for buggy runners

I’ve been running with my buggy for the past month now. That by no means makes me an expert, but I know some women who are. So if you’re gearing up to take your baby out running, here’s some advice. 

Tips from me

Before you’re ready to start running with the buggy, use your walks to suss our good routes. I now know the flattest, smoothest paths in my local parks. 

Gradually build up your buggy runs. Just because you can run 10k solo, it doesn’t make it a good idea to run this distance with the buggy. I started with a 3 mile run, walking for a couple of mins every mile.

Run with someone else, your partner or a friend, and take turns pushing. My partner and I ran with the buggy when we were away in Kent. It was the first time we’d run together in nearly a year. When I was pregnant I was run/walking so he’d do loops and since having our baby one of us has always been with our son while the other runs. The buggy has let us run together again.

You don’t need to run with a buggy to run with a buggy. If you have a friend to run with, try an interval run. One of you stays with the baby while the other runs a short loop. You swap over and on your recovery you stay with the buggy. A good option is your buggy isn’t suited to running or your baby isn’t old enough.

Buggy running is harder than your easy runs. Use the extra weight and effort to your advantage. Do a solo interval session by running with the buggy hard for a minute and walking as your recovery. 

The Buggy Coach – Posture

The first time I ran with the buggy I thought my shoulders were going to explode. I expected it to be harder than regular running given I was pushing a substantial weight. But I hadn’t realised that I’d feel most of this weight in my upper body. 

It did ease off after five minutes once I’d warmed up a bit. 

There’s a video via that demonstrates good form for running with a buggy which should help.

You can also listen to my interview with Wendy, founder of on my podcast for advice on choosing a buggy and how to run with it. 

Jasyoga – Recovery

Erin at has videos concentrating on warming up and stretching out those areas that take the brunt of the buggy during your runs. You can also listen to my interview with Erin on the podcast.