Everything runners need to know about running, pregnancy and breastfeeding

I may have slightly exaggerated the title, but there IS a lot in this page on running during and after pregnancy. It’s a compilation of all the posts I’ve written and had written for me over the past couple of years. I guess that now I’ve finished breastfeeding and my son is fast approaching two, it seems like an end to that phase of my life.

Anyway, I hope you find some of the below useful for yourself, your partner or friends and family. Sometimes, just having you know what they’re dealing with is enough to help your pregnant friends.

Staying active during and after pregnancy

I asked four women about their experiences of keeping active during and after their pregnancies.

Expert advice

Running after having a baby – advice from my physio

Buggy running

Resources for buggy runners

Podcast: Wendy Rumble, The Buggy Coach

My experience