Race report: Thailand Half Marathon

The alarm sounded at 3:45am, a time that until now I've only known as meaning it's time to get a kebab and find a taxi. This morning, though,  it was a time to get my kit on and head out for a half marathon. The inaugural Thailand International Half Marathon had been postponed from late [...]

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Great Eastern Run 2011 race report

The days prior to a race should be spent resting up, drinking plenty of fluid and eating well. So that's what I did. I laid in bed for two whole days straight shivering, sweating and aching; ate handfuls of ibuprofen tablets; and drank plenty of Lemsip. I had a cold and the Saturday night prior [...]

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How to find your race pace

I'd like to patent what I've come to refer to as the 'chicken and egg approach to PBs'. It's worked pretty well for me so far in that every race I've done has been an improvement on the last. Allow me to explain this almost meaningless and very tenuous metaphor. In my first ever 10k [...]

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Great Eastern Run 2010

I love it when a plan comes together. After last year's Great Eastern Run when I missed out on a 2-hour time by four minutes, I was back in Peterborough on Sunday determined to crack the magic number. With more miles under my belt courtesy of marathon training early in the year and more experience [...]

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When injury strikes RICE

RICE, it feeds the world and also helps prevent injury. We are of course talking about two different types of rice - but this is something that I didn't catch onto straight away when people told me that you need to RICE tweaked muscles. So for those of you wondering 'What is RICE?', I shall [...]

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Hill training sessions

If my dentist asks me 'do you floss regularly?' I lie. If my parents ask me if I've sorted out getting a pension, I lie. And if you were to ask me if I regularly include hill training in my running schedule, I would probably say yes and that would also be a lie. I [...]

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Half marathon training

It occured to me that I post a lot about running without necessarily talking about how many miles I've been doing day-to-day. Mainly because I think my posts would be a bit repetative - ran 3 miles, missed a training session etc. So to prove that I have been putting in some miles and that [...]

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Running on holiday

I've been in the south of France for the past four days. Despite packing my running kit and a bag full of good intentions, the 35C temperatures and abundance of good wine meant I did no running at all. Back in Blighty now and I'm off to do 5 miles this afternoon. Just after I [...]

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