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North London | Finsbury Park – Hampstead Heath

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Taking you from 0 to 5k and beyond

  • 0-5k Beginners group
  • 5k+ Improvers group
  • Circuit training sessions
  • Finsbury Park and Hampstead Heath

Running is more fun if you do it with other people. People who don’t care if you’re sweaty and red-faced or how slow you’re going. Because they’re just the same as you.

We have friendly, women-only groups for complete Beginners and a Improvers groups for those who want to run a bit further and work on getting faster. We welcome anyone who identifies as a woman to run with us.

Over the past seven years, we’ve helped hundreds of women to start and return to running, and we can do the same for you.

We’ve been recommended by Runners World, Time Out and Women’s Health magazine.

“With a focus on friendliness and camaraderie. In this group, no one’s going to judge you if you get a stitch or have a running technique that reminds everyone of Phoebe from ‘Friends’.” – Time Out London

“Head along if you like the idea of running but find it all a bit, well, painful. It can be fun and it can be something you can do.” – Women’s Health magazine

“For it’s members, Lazy Girl Running is about more than just a means of getting fit.” – Runner’s World, March 2020

Please read the FAQs page before signing up for a group.

0-5k Beginners groups

This is a 10-week 0-5k course for complete beginners and those returning to running after a long break. We’ll start slowly and gradually build up the time you run for each week until you’re running 5k.

This 10-week course costs £65. There is no discount/refund for sessions you can’t make.

Improvers sessions

These sessions are designed to help you get faster and fitter. They are £6.50 each.

Circuit sessions

A small group class focusing on strength exercises to help you become a stronger runner. These are £10 each.


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Completing the course has been a huge achievement for me and has had a big psychological impact – I now feel that if I apply the same determination and consistency to other things I find hard, I will overcome the hurdle and get there! I really wish I had taken on the challenge of running 20 years ago when I was walking round the school cross country route after managing only a few minutes of running with a stitch!
Thank you for all your encouragement  – would never have done it without you. Have tried to get started on my own before several times and always failed!
I’ve really, really enjoyed the running group – I’ve never been able to run for as long in one go before and I’m going to look into a half marathon at some point in the next 12 months (although I might give a 10k a go first!). It’s been an ambition of mine for years to be able to manage more than a few minutes (which I’ve never managed before).

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