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North London | Finsbury Park – Hampstead Heath – Tottenham

Taking you from 0 to 5k and beyond

  • 0-5k Beginners group
  • 5k+ Improvers group
  • Finsbury Park, Tottenham and Hampstead Heath

Running is more fun if you do it with other people. People who don’t care if you’re sweaty and red-faced or how slow you’re going. Because they’re just the same as you.

We have friendly, women-only groups for complete beginners and a Improvers groups for those who want to run a bit further and work on getting faster. We welcome anyone who identifies as a woman to run with us.

We’ve been recommended by Runners World, Time Out and Women’s Health magazine.

“With a focus on friendliness and camaraderie. In this group, no one’s going to judge you if you get a stitch or have a running technique that reminds everyone of Phoebe from ‘Friends’.” – Time Out London

“Head along if you like the idea of running but find it all a bit, well, painful. It can be fun and it can be something you can do.” – Women’s Health magazine

“For it’s members, Lazy Girl Running is about more than just a means of getting fit.” – Runner’s World, March 2020

Please read the FAQs page before signing up for a group.

0-5k Beginners groups

This is a 10-week 0-5k course for complete beginners and those returning to running after a long break. We’ll start slowly and gradually build up the time you run for each week until you’re running 5k.

Finsbury Park Beginners – Saturdays, 10am

Hampstead Heath BeginnersWednesdays, 7pm


This 10-week course costs £60. There is no discount/refund for sessions you can’t make.

Improvers sessions

These sessions are designed to help you get faster and fitter. They are £6.50 each.

Finsbury Park – Tuesdays, 7pm

Hampstead Heath – Thursdays, 7pm

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Upcoming groups


Completing the course has been a huge achievement for me and has had a big psychological impact – I now feel that if I apply the same determination and consistency to other things I find hard, I will overcome the hurdle and get there! I really wish I had taken on the challenge of running 20 years ago when I was walking round the school cross country route after managing only a few minutes of running with a stitch!
Thank you for all your encouragement  – would never have done it without you. Have tried to get started on my own before several times and always failed!
I’ve really, really enjoyed the running group – I’ve never been able to run for as long in one go before and I’m going to look into a half marathon at some point in the next 12 months (although I might give a 10k a go first!). It’s been an ambition of mine for years to be able to manage more than a few minutes (which I’ve never managed before).

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