Meet Laura

Personal trainer, run coach, marathon runner, writer

Lazy Girl Running was founded on a love running. Our running groups help other people learn to love running and chase down their goals.

Since our beginners running groups started in 2013, we’ve helped hundreds of women start and return to running then work towards bigger race goals. Our groups have been recommended by Runners’ World, Time Out London, Women’s Health magazine and Stylist.

Laura Fountain is a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness and Level 3 Personal Trainer. She’s also a tutor for England Athletics coaching courses.

As a freelance journalist and editor, Laura specialises in women’s health. She is a columnist and resident coach for Women’s Running magazine.  She has also written two books ‘The Lazy Runner’ (Pitch, 2012) and ‘Tricurious’ (Summersdale, 2015). 


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